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Jul 102012

The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia has created a new “Contemplative Sciences Center”.  The center will involve multiple departments in the university.  Some of the questions they hope to address are the following:

Can meditation, yoga or mindfulness training help nurses and teachers be more effective and resilient in stressful situations? Can such contemplative practices be part of a more effective treatment regimen for major depression, or for alcoholics in recovery?

What can we learn about the mind from brain scans of advanced meditators engaged in deep meditation? And what are the commonalities between advanced meditation and athletes or artists who report being “in the zone” – focused on only the present task and moment, performing efficiently and gracefully, yet with no conscious sense of effort or thinking?

I think the answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes”, and I want to commend both the University and the donors, Paul and Sonia Jones, for making this development possible. I am frankly amazed that a major state university has created a university wide program focusing on the value of contemplation.

The following video is from the University of Virginia Website:

For more information visit the UVA Website.

You can also view a CBS News Interview regarding the creation of the Center.

Join the conversation!  What do you think of this development?  Post your comments below.


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