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Sep 162013

This video was excerpted from a class I taught at Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia in the fall of 2012.  It is taken from Session I: The Introduction of the eight session program entitled Developing Our Practice.  In the video I tell the story of how the term “No BS Spirituality” came about, and then talk about the core concepts of No BS Spirituality.

Questions for Reflection:

Reflect on your current spiritual practice:

  1. In what ways does your practice “Quiet the inner turmoil of compulsive thoughts, emotions, and impulses that typically drive our lives”?  In your time apart?  In your active lives”?
  2. In what ways does your practice “Guide us in the ongoing discovery of who we most deeply are and who we are called to be as unique spiritual persons?”
  3. In what ways does your practice “Facilitate the ongoing incarnation of those discoveries into the reality of your day-to-day active lives”?
  4. In what ways does you practice fail to meet these goals?  Where does it call you to grow in these areas.

Watch, Reflect, Enjoy! Richard



Feb 232013

The traditional approaches to prayer never worked for me.  In the end it did not change my life.  As Thomas Moore put it, “All the classical things that have been said about prayer are true – petition, praise, adoration, communion, conversation.”*  All of these approaches to prayer are real, but they are not enough.  Verbal prayer by itself is not enough.  in the end we must be silent and listen to that mysterious other we call God.  And we must take what we hear and live it in our active lives.  In the end real prayer must change us and move us toward spiritual maturity.  I grew up as a very angry person, and the traditional approaches to prayer did absolutely nothing to change that.  Then I discovered spiritual practices, buried in the depths of the Christian tradition, that over time, did in fact change my life.

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I preached my first sermon on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  It was given as part of a sermon series about prayer leading up to the beginning of a series of Wednesday evening contemplative services at the church sponsored by the Spiritual Formation Team.


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** Needleman, Jacob, Lost Christianity:  A Journey of Rediscovery to the Centre of Christian Experience.  (Rockport, MA: Element, Inc., 1980), p. 4.
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