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Feb 172019

Richard is back.  My last post was on December 26, 2017, over a year ago.  A lot has happened in the last year.  Winnie and I have both had various medical problems and have been in the hospital more than once, had multiple doctors appointments, and physical therapy appointments.  I have had several post stroke events, and one that led to an accident and thus to me not being able to drive.  On the good side I have been meeting with a really good life coach* who keeps challenging me to get back to my writing among other things.  So thanks in large part to her, Richard is back.

Mark Southworth

Interestingly my wife and I and our downs syndrome son, Mark, get together most  evenings for meditation and prayer.  During the prayer time he, on his own, mentions each person in our family and what they need.  When he gets to me he always says something like “Help Daddy Dick with his book”.  He came up with that on his own.  So here I sit, working on my book.

My last post was entitled Work v. Grace:  Finding Balance (To view that post Click Here) The post is Part 5 of 9 of Reflection V: of that series titled Conversion of Heart | Saying Our Prayers Is Not Enough. (To view all post in that reflection Click here).  I am in the final editing process for the next post in the series entitled Seeking Wholeness:  Care of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  It will be posted shortly.

All of that is part of a series tentatively titled Choosing Authenticity: A Prayer of My Own. This series will become my second book sometime soon.

I also plan to be reviewing the static pages associated with the blog and updating them where necessary.  As each page is reviewed and updated I will send a notification in a post.


To view and/or purchase my first book Choosing Authenticity: Religion Is Not enough click here.


* Kathryn Hall, mailto:

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  1. Welcome back!!

  2. So glad you and the family are pulling each other through and finding that special time together. Welcome back!

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