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  1. Richard,
    I love your web site here! Refreshing and thought-provoking!

  2. Thanks for your Preface Richard. In third third year of my MDiv program (in a spiritual direction practicum) I met a well know spiritual director at the University of Toronto. He is a quiet and thoughtful man. My problem was pride and after 11 years of monthly meetings with him, my problem remains, but somewhat ameliorated. I’ll keep you in my prayers. God be with you! Norm

    • Thanks Norm. It seems to me that anger and pride are different sides of a very similar issue. Generally my anger comes out in situations where perceive that my pride has been damaged in some way, and I want to defend myself. It is good that we are aware of our need for growth and “conversion of heart”, and that we are working on it. It is a life long journey. We must always look for what Adrian van Kaam called “the just perceptible difference”.

  3. Hi Richard,
    I’m slowly and carefully proceeding into the discipline called asceticism. I found the following quote inspiring . . Norm

    “One never knows himself ’till he has denied himself. The altar of sacrifice is the touchstone of character.”
    ~ O. P. Gifford (1847-1932: Delaware Avenue Baptist Church, Buffalo)

    • Interesting quote, Norman. I do think one has to be careful with asceticism. It can become a practice of self-denial for self-denial’s sake. It can become a type of self-flagellation. All of our desires are not bad. Done rightly asceticism is an integral part of the spiritual transformation process. In prayer and contemplation I discover who God calls me to be–where I am called to grow and change. In asceticism I deny myself the desires that get in the way of the incarnation of that discovery into my active life.

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