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Choosing Authenticity


Choosing Authenticity

Religion Is Not Enough


Longing for something more?

Seeking real Spiritual growth and transformation?

Religion is not enough. The religious imperatives of belief, ritual, experience, community, service, and values are not enough. Culture is not enough. The cultural imperatives of acceptance, success, power, wealth, and pleasure are not enough. Both religion and culture are important, even crucial to living a full life, but they are not enough.

Choosing authenticity is the only thing that is enough. Choosing to live our lives in a way that integrates the cultural and religious imperatives and moves us toward wholeness and holiness is the only thing that is enough. We long for a No BS Spirituality that changes the way we actually experience and live our lives. We need spiritual practice that facilitates that growth and transformation, and conversion of heart. Our deepest desire is for our active lives to actually become more and more an authentic expression of who we are and who we are called to be by that Mysterious Other we call God. We long for spiritual practice that actually moves us forward on our own unique Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity.

It is my prayer that these reflections will respond to that longing.

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“FINALLY! An author has taken the time to seriously look at how to improve on the PRACTICE of religion as it affects our daily living. It’s refreshing to have someone who isn’t so polarized that bias gets in the way of evaluating the efficacy of how we integrate religion into our own lives. Too often – people focus on “religion in a bubble” ie going to church and praying whilst living a sinful and reactionary life. And the church focuses too much on ritual and PREACHING but fails to actually TEACH the skills necessary for improving our response to the world. This book is an honest look at maintaing our faith – thru developing perspective and practices that enable us to actually live a better life. I enjoyed the author’s willingness to relate to his own humble growth. He respectfully recognized an all too often missing component to religious institution (teaching life skills) – and offered supplemental suggestions (derived from ancient christian practices) for living a more authentic life thru Christianity. I truly enjoyed the read!”

From email messages

“My pastor recommended your book, and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I could really relate to many of the things you talked about in the book…Meeting with him and reading your book and article about bringing the job home really resonated with me. It put many of my feelings and desires into perspective. Your article was like a page from my own daily life, only with different faces and names.”

“The book seeks to answer the questions we’ve all asked for centuries, and Richard does a good job of trying to find opportunities to understand how to ask God into our daily lives.”

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