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Jul 102017

If there is one thing about which the spiritual masters are consistent it is…

Jun 262017

I aspire to live a holy life.

I aspire to live that holy life in the midst of my daily activities as an individual, a husband, a father, grandfather, and as a citizen in this world as it is, and as it will become.

I aspire to be in constant awareness of the Mysterious Divine Center I call God; in myself; in each person, each event, and each thing that makes up my life, whether it appears to be good or evil…

Jun 182017

This process of discovery and incarnation–of observing what works…

Jun 142017

McNamara has captured something extremely important here. Few of us have the courage to burn. All too often the divine summons is ignored. Ignorance and fear often plague us. In our context here, many of us have bought into the idea that the Mysterious Other we call God no longer speaks to us personally. Divine Union, so important to the spiritual life, is not even something to be sought after. Said another way, we have all too often come to believe that there is no “Sacred Inner Voice” (or, as my wife put it, no Holy Spirit) to trust and listen to and be obedient to…

Jun 042017

The reason we find prayer so difficult in our time apart is the often preconscious awareness that prayer does have consequences…

May 262017

We have talked about a lot of important things: Attention, Openness, Restraint of Speech, Apatheia, Communion with God. All of these are complex and interesting issues. Thinking about them and even understanding them is not enough. All of them call us to change and growth and transformation. How do we take what we are learning into the rest of our lives? How do we make them a part of how we live our lives—how we relate to the myriad people, events, and things that make up our day-to-day lives?

May 212017

Over time this meditation in the midst of action changes our perspective, and allows us to be present in a radically different way…

May 142017

This definition captures the essence of the way we typically approach prayer. We tend to focus on “supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.” These are all valid and even necessary ways we communicate with God. They are all an important part of what prayer should be, and yet they all focus on our approach to God. If we are not careful this focus can cause us to miss prayer’s deepest meaning: “a spiritual communion with God”.

May 072017

More and more I find myself looking at the difficult events of my life by asking how I was present in the event. …

May 012017

My image of Westboro Baptist Church has always been negative, and that is an understatement. When someone sent me the link to this Ted Talk, it sat in my inbox for a long time. I could not bring myself to click on it. I could not convince myself that anything good could come from there. But I trusted the person who sent it to me, so I finally did click on the link. …


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