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Aug 312013

So the journey begins in earnest. This is the first post from my new book:  Turning Around:  The Work of the Spiritual Journey.

The post includes a mockup of the title page, the Copyright page, a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon, and an initial quote showing the origin of the title Turning Around.

Please take time to join the conversation.  Add your comments and suggestions. I review each comment, and where appropriate, make changes to the book.  By adding your comments and suggestions you become a part of the writing process and make the book better.

Read, Reflect, Enjoy, Richard
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Richard's Book

Turning Around

The Work of the Spiritual Journey

Richard N. Southworth, MA

Volume Two


The Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity

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© 2013 by Richard N. Southworth

All rights reserved.

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Calvin and Hobs*

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When your life is more and more becoming a prayer, you notice that you are always busy converting yourself and gaining an ever-deeper understanding of your fellowman. You notice too, that prayer is the pulse of the world you live in. If you are really praying, you can’t help but have critical questions about the great problems the world is grappling with, and you can’t get rid of the idea that a conversion is not only necessary for yourself and your neighbor, but for the entire human community. This conversion of the world means a “turning-around,” a revolution, which can lead to renewal.**
Henri J. M. Nowuen

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* Calvin and Hobbes © 1992 Waatterson. Used by permission of Universal Uclick. All rights Reserved.
** Nouwen, Henri J. M., With Open Hands. (Notre Dame, Indiana: Ave Maria Press, 1972), p. 120


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