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Jun 182013

My Daughter, Teresa Parr, is the manager of Ashley Parr, LLC / dba Maurice Ashley Trains Champions (MATCH).  She is partners with Maurice Ashley, Chess Grand Master.  Learning Diagonal is their blog.  They are sponsoring the “Learning Diagonal Conference” on June 29, 2013 in Ashland, Virginia, just outside of Richmond, Virginia.  The conference is free and promises to be informative.

The purpose of the Learning Diagonal conference is to provide an opportunity to step outside of our busy daily lives and challenge ourselves, to see what holds us back, learn what will push us forward and to experience what we are capable of individually and collectively.  We do this by bringing together passionate experts and curious, energetic participants to share experiential learning opportunities that are bound to push everyone involved out of their comfort zone toward an immediate personal and group action that will follow everyone involved well past the end of the day.

Topics include: Developing better strategic thinking, The Science of Illusions, How to use Improv to boost creativity and get unstuck, Easy research-based things you can do to improve brain functioning, creative problem solving, challenging yourself physically for better health, and more.

For more information go to or you can contact Teresa via email at or by phone at 804-677-4415.


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