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Jul 112012

This post is from my friend Ralph Starling’s blog “Ralph’s Adventures”. Ralph is a minister at First Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, where he is responsible for the ministry of “Christian Invitation”.  Here Ralph talks about a 24 hour retreat he organized at Richmond Hill Retreat Center for international college students from Virginia Commonwealth University.

24 Hours Together

24 Hours Together

“Three weeks ago I invited several VCU International students to join me on a 24-hour retreat at Richmond Hill Retreat Center located in Church Hill overlooking historic Shockoe Bottom and the city of Richmond. The students had just finished their busy semester and I thought a brief pause might be refreshing for them. We had students from China, South Korea, Algeria, Slovakia, and Peru.

In their discussions on the retreat they talked about creativity, and, as Ralph put it: “creativity is looking at the ordinary and seeing the…extraordinary.”  I have often talked about all of the events of our lives being “opportunities to practice”–i.e. opportunities to take what we discover in our time apart and applying it in the events of our lives.  Ralph takes this idea further by seeing that “practice” as a creative process.

Ralph’s post is excellent.  Take a few minutes to read it on his blog. View Ralph’s Post


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