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Awakening I

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A couple of Mondays ago (March 2020) I sat down to do my morning time.  During the meditation something “came” to me”.  For a half hour I got a clear detailed message that can be condensed into this:

For most of my life I have fought with and argued about Christian theology and bible interpretation.  I have always been looking for a theology that works for me, but never found one.  I have read a lot of stuff I agreed with but only in bits and pieces.  As a whole nothing was really satisfying and I have been always cocked and primed to argue about it.  What came to me that Monday morning so very clearly was that It just isn’t important to me.  I don’t have to agree with any of it.  I don’t even have to have a real theology of my own. I believe that what Jesus himself taught and the way he lived his life, before anybody else has commented on it, I very much identify with and that is enough.  And that is very much ok. I mean really ok!.  I don’t have to or need to debate theology or the meaning of bible verses any more.  I really don’t have to do that ever again.  AMEM!

What is interesting about that too is that the energy for that whole argument, discussion, and battle completely left me in the experience and has not returned.  I think Adashanti would call that an “awakening”.  It is all so very freeing.  It is part of what one writer calls “owning your own journey."

The biggest problem becomes how to live that at church.  A lot of Sunday school and book studies and sermons are about theology and biblical interpretation, and I just have no real interest in that anymore.

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