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My Zen Things

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Realized last night that I tend to be driven all day.  Need to work on that. 

This is really important.  It needs to become my current spiritual project.  I need to slow down, and calm down.  This drivenness is usually focused on staying active and getting mostly good things done, but it ultimately stresses me out and I need to stop it.  

My Zen Things list says:

  1. Do one thing at a time

  2. Do it slowly and deliberately

  3. Do it completely

  4. Do less

  5. Put space between things

All five of these things need to be incarcerated in my daily routine.  All five.  Not just the first one.  

Truth is that the other seven things are just as important:

  1. Develop rituals 

  2. Designate time for certain things

  3. Devote time to sitting

  4. Smile and serve others

  5. Make cleaning and cooking (etc.) become meditation

  6. Think about what is necessary

  7. Love simply

This really is a kind of “Rule of Life”.  It is principles to live by.  It is a whole way of life, and I am ready for it.  It has been here for quite a while, and I liked it, but the truth is I have never taken it really seriously. Truth is the list may very well find it’s way into my Rule of Life.  It is definitely the answer to my problem with drivenness.  The real challenge will to do this in a way that doesn’t cause problems with family, but it is clearly a major part of how I am called to live my life.  It is definitely my current spiritual project.

* The list was sent to me in an email, and I have no idea where it came from. Tried to google it with no luck.

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