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Richard Is Back

Photo by Mark Southworth

It has been almost exactly two months since my last blog post, and I feel bad about that. Life has been kind of crazy during that time. Winnie fell head first into a bucket on our deck. Her face looked like a raccoon. At first we thought it would just heal until some other symptoms came out, and then our daughter Michelle came and took her to the emergency room. It turned out she had a concussion. She is getting much better now, but in the meantime I stayed pretty busy doing things I normally would not have to do. Unfortunately that led me to spend a lot of time sitting around and not spending time writing and not keeping up with my todo list. Interestingly somewhere in all of that I did start several blog posts, but never finished them. Well, now Richard is back, and I plan to work on those blog posts and publish them more regularly. I am also in the process of catching up on my todo list.

The truth is that while Winnie's fall did end up taking up a lot of my time. There was still time that I just didn't use wisely. There was time enough for me to work on the blog posts and my todo list. If I had stayed focussed I could have posted several times during that period, but I just didn't.

There is a spiritual principle I often talk about that says "Shit happens. It is how we deal with it that matters". I know without a doubt that I didn't deal with this the way I should have. I did take good care of Winnie and Mark while Winnie was sick, and Winnie keeps reminding me and thanking me for that. It is also true that this time has brought us closer as a family and that is a blessing. What I did not do was to stay focussed during my free time. I have also often talked about the fact that if we are paying attention we can learn from the times we fall short. This definitely is one of those times.

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