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Religion Is Not Enough

Religion is not enough. Culture is not enough. Both religion and culture are important, even crucial to living a full life, but they are not enough. Choosing authenticity is the only thing that is enough. Our deepest desire is for our active lives to actually become more and more an authentic expression of who we are and who we are called to be by that Mysterious Other we call God. We long for a No BS Spirituality that changes the way we actually experience and live our lives. We need spiritual practice that facilitates that growth and transformation, and conversion of heart. It is my prayer that these reflections will respond to that longing. Read, reflect, and enjoy!

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A Prayer of Our Own


From the Preface:


I quit looking for answers in church, though I continued to attend with my wife from time to time.  A short time later I began a period of self-study using the spiritual literature I had discovered as a part of my academic studies. From that self-study I began experimenting with various spiritual practices. Those books led me to other material.  Over a couple of years I developed a personal prayer practice that worked for me.  The turmoil and anger began to subside.  It is precisely here that I began to develop a real prayer of my own.  Though that prayer has its very roots in the depths of the Christian tradition, it was neither taught nor supported in any of the churches I attended.  If it was mentioned at all, it was often criticized as some kind of heresy.  That said, it was these practices that, over time, changed my life dramatically in ways that neither therapy nor my church experience had ever begun to touch.  That growth and transformation, or what the monastics call conversion of heart continues.  

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