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Mar 262013

This is a wonderful story posted on writer Susan Cain’s blog, The Power of Introverts.  As Susan put it:  “Rich Day, one of this blog’s most active participants, shares a lovely story that’s guaranteed to give you what my mother-in-law calls a “leaky faucet moment.” 

This is the story of a young woman who struggles with her first piano competition, falters several times, each time showing great courage, beginning again, until she reaches something deeper–something authentic and beautiful.  In words taken from the title of my book, she is “Choosing Authenticity“.*

Rich Day begins…

Both of my daughters, Christine and Shannon, took up the piano, along with all the lessons, the hours of practice, and the nervousness of performing at recitals.In particular, the performance aspect of piano was an act of courage for Christine, who is quiet and reserved, but she did very well. She’s an enigma in her quiet ways, a girl who will not be held back in spite of some discomfort.

This true story takes place at their first piano competition…**

Rich Day
Posted on Susan Cain’s blog, The Power of Introverts

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Richard's Book


* Southworth, Richard N., Choosing Authenticity:  Religion Is Not Enough, (Seattle, WA, CreateSpace, 2011).
** From the Blog The Power of Introverts: From Moonlight to Courage | A Spirit’s Guide to Surviving Live’s Song, Posted March 14, 20013.


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