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The Blog for Those on the Great Journey

In Search of Life - In Search of God


This blog is about the spiritual journey, and about Turning Around.  It is  about the great  journey of connecting with our Sacred Inner Being and letting that Inner Being more and more guide and lead our lives, which will inevitably call us to Turning Around.  It will call us to growth, and to what the monastics call Divine Union and Conversion of Heart.   It is also about how we then live into that calling in all of the events of our day-to-day life.   


The blog is also about my own personal journey - my own Turning Around as I have worked and continue to work toward that Divine Union.  Yes it is about my Spiritual Life, but it is also about the nitty-gritty details of living that life in the real world, as it is and as it will become.  

Photo by Winnie Southworth

It is about some of the experiences I have actually had dealing with the “nitty-gritty” details of my life; and dealing with the people, events and things that make up my life.  It includes my struggles with family, friends, church, and with the broader ever changing culture in which I live.  


This blog, like my other writing and teaching, are a prayer that rises up from the depths of my soul. This prayer reaches out to every person who struggles to give birth to the reality of who they are, and who they are called to be by the Mysterious Divine Presence that gives us life.


Through this blog my heart reaches out to all who are on the journey of life, and those who struggle with life, wrestle with the Divine Mystery we call God, and strive to live an authentic life.  My desire is that these reflections might, in some small way, help you along your own path, and give you encouragement and comfort in your quest. My quest has been fraught with inner turmoil, roadblocks, unproductive and misconceived side trips, and procrastination. If by sharing my experience and what I have learned I can help just a few pilgrims along the road of life, all the work will have been worthwhile.* 


As Henri J. M. Nouwen put it:


Making one’s own wounds a source of healing, therefore, does not call for a sharing of superficial personal pains but for a constant willingness to see one’s own pain and suffering as rising from the depth of the human condition.

* Paraphrased From: Richard N. Southworth. Choosing Authenticity: Religion Is Not Enough. 

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