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No BS Spirituality for the Rest of Us

This is a video taken from a class I taught at Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia a while back. It lays out what for me are the basic principles of what I have come to call No BS Spirituality. It takes a little over twelve minutes.

I would love for you to add your thoughts and comments.

Listen, Reflect, Enjoy!


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1 Comment

Barbara Abbot
Barbara Abbot
Mar 10, 2021

The introduction made me laugh and took me right back to when we first met. I clearly remember that moment when we laughed out loud and I treasure the memory!

The teaching is so timely for me right now as I'm facing the most challenging stage of my relationship with my elderly parents who have dementia. I own up to the fact that I'm struggling.

It was so good to be reminded that the only peace can come through the discipline and practice of creating my own inner quiet so I can hear some answers from within. Now I need to take action! Thank you, my friend, for this most timely reminder.

So good to see you in your element…

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